About A2M


Quality, Comfort, Style

A2M USA™ combines the sophistication and subtlety of European designer clothing with the casual hipness of America. All of our A2M brand clothing is made in Europe and U.S.A with the best quality fabrics and workmanship. We knew our designs were great, but having our clothing manufactured halfway around the world was not giving us the quality we demanded. That’s when we moved our entire operation from China to Europe and USA where we can maintain tight control over the quality of our product, and that makes all the difference.

Out of Africa, Into Europe, Back in the U.S.A. AND NOW IN GERMANY

A2M USA™ was founded by an African-born German entrepreneur with a genius for merging the diverse fashions of Europe, Africa and America to create a unique line of sports and streetwear for young guys and girls. Felix Echipue made a name for himself in Europe with a Euro-African take on an American look. The youth of Europe went crazy for the stuff, and now he’s brought his styles to America.

Felix was one of 8 kids, a product of a loving family from a small village in West Africa. At an early age he discovered in himself a love for fashion and an eye for uniqueness. Deciding to expand his knowledge of people and fashion he relocated to Germany, where he became fascinated with the styles of Europe. In 1997 he founded a small clothing boutique in Munich, where he created a new brand that merged African and European influences.

Blowing Up

Before long the one store turned into five, and Felix was traveling to the capitals of Europe and the world, building relationships in the fashion world and acquiring new accounts for his apparel line. This was the late ‘90s, and hip hop styles were extremely popular in Europe. Felix partnered with Johnny Blaze Clothing, rap star Snoop Dogg to form the Snoop Dogg Clothing line in Germany and later brought rap mega-millionaire Master P over to Europe to start his brand of original hip hop styles, Respect.

What’s in a Name?

In 2012, after 20 years of success with American styles in Europe, Felix and his team of talented young designers created an all-new line of cool and youthful streetwear and sports, all made right here in Europe and U.S.A., designed with the kids of Europe and America in mind. A2M USA™ is a gift from Felix to his children, Angel, Melody and Miracle, who inspired the youthful spirit of his designs. It’s his way of passing on what his parents instilled in him: to value life, strive for the best and never give up.

We welcome you to be a part of the A2M USA™ family and LIVE FREE!